We wrote to Australia’s top 200ASX leaders, asking for a meeting.

We didn’t want to sell an idea, or just another recruitment service.

We believed that the current model was broken. We have been involved in training more than 7000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders over the past decade. We have met them, seen their capacity – but have also seen the invisible hand that is stopping them from putting their head over the parapet to be considered for the next role. For the role that they have the skills, the experience, the talent to excel in.

We have also met with corporate and government leaders across Australia who simply ask where they are going to hire Indigenous leaders next. They cant find talented Indigenous people to fill senior roles even when they become available.

That’s why we formed Pipeline Talent – because we knew the current approach wasn’t working, but with our contacts, skills and experience, we could work on a new approach, in partnership with both employers and Indigenous leaders.

When we told a couple of people that we had written to the CEO’s of Australia’s top 200 companies asking for a meeting, they tried to be compassionate. Don’t waste time waiting for a reply was the general mood.

They didn’t understand the mood in corporate Australia though. We had seen it before – and so we were of course pleased, but not totally surprised when 25% of the ASX200 got back to us within 10 days, asking when we could meet. The level of goodwill and the genuine aspiration for Indigenous leaders within corporate Australia is awesome.

Meetings are underway. We won’t solve anything without first listening, and seeking to work in partnership – but there are some seriously exciting times ahead.

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